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Koala SASS LESS Compiler

If you are a WordPress Theme Developer or Web Designer, Then definitely you know about the SASS and LESS. We all know that now on these days, most of the website is built in using SASS and LESS Preprocessor.

We are giving you a information about the compiler of these preprocessors, So you can easily compile the CSS. Koala is a GUI application for Less, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript compilation, to help web developers to use them more efficiently. Koala can run on Windows, Linux, and mac.

Koala is very easy to use to compile the SCSS and LESS files and work properly.

Koala has some best features which are listed below.

Multi-language Support – Koala supports the Multi-language CSS code, Support for Less, Sass, CoffeeScript and Compass Framework.
Real-time Compilation – Koala compiles the code in the Real-time. Listening files compile automatically when the file changes, that everything is running in the background without user action.

Compile Options – Koala has some different options to compiler settings. Support set the compiler options for each file.

Project Settings – Support for the project to create a global configuration, set the same compiler options for the files.

Error Notification – Showing the error notification at compile time. If encountered an error during compilation, koala will pop up the error message

Cross-platform – We can Run this compiler in any platform windows, Linux, and Mac.

Umakant Sonwani
Umakant Sonwani is a India-based WordPress Developer and enthusiast. He is the developer of highly-rated WordPress themes and plugins. In his free time, he enjoys playing Creating and traveling.

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